Does the license cover only patented technologies?

The BiOS license was designed to extend "open source" provisions designed for copyright, a very different type of intellectual property, so that it could cover technology subject to patent claims.

However, the BiOS license includes unpatented knowhow now, and will soon include some significant technology developed by CAMBIA related to promoters, which CAMBIA made the decision not to patent. The grant of allowance to use patented technology in the license is what allows the enforcement of license provisions, but much of the license is about norms of sharing that are to be encouraged.

The associated support agreement covers not only knowhow and materials not necessarily covered by the patent claims, but also technology data, for example data related to biosafety and data needed for regulatory approvals.
CAMBIA and Licensees have the option at any time of designating further unpatented and non-patentable technology and information as being additional improvements and technology data available to all licensees to be shared under the license.

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