What BiOS-compatible agreements are available?

Versions of the first BiOS license, developed for plant molecular enabling technologies (info), has been executed by a range of companies and non-profits of all sizes, based in many countries in the developing and developed world. 

There is considerable interest in the use of BiOS-compliant agreements for access and benefits sharing related to genetic resources and genetic information.  We also developed a license for genetic resource indexing technologies, but CAMBIA has released the patents on these technologies, so a license from CAMBIA is no longer required.

We've recently developed a simpler version of the plant technology license, and a similar license for health-related technologies is also being drafted.  We also have a version that can be offered by any technology provider for any technology.  Additional agreements can be developed as more technology is made available for sharing under these terms. 

All BiOS-compatible agreements have these characteristics:

  • Ownership of technology stays with the owner
  • A world-wide, non-exclusive, royalty-free non-assertion covenant to make and use the technology and improvements.
  • Mechanisms for sharing information that is desirable to share, such as public safety information
  • No differentiation between a research license and a commercial license.  All BiOS-compatible agreements allow the development of products for profit or for public good.
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