What is the cost of a BiOS agreement?

Permission to use CAMBIA's technologies is available at no cost, but it is costly to maintain an exchange of materials and improvements, and to serve up and maintain the information technology commons so that all can search patent information, and so that collaborating scientists can share safety data and improvements, and work around barriers to innovation.  Most stewards of life sciences technologies have the same need of ongoing funding to maintain the capability to use the technologies. 

Thus, BiOS agreements are associated with a Technology Support Agreement, in which we ask for-profit licensees to pay some of these costs, at rates related to size of the enterprise.  In-kind contributions such as traineeships can be substituted by companies that can't afford the suggested fees.   

Other than cost recovery for materials handling (postage etc.) non-profits are not asked to contribute, although any entity that wants to accelerate improvement of the technology may do so by identifying new technology for the license, by contributing financially to research by other licensors/licensees, or by providing the use of laboratory facilities for cooperative development.

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