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Version 1.0
This Agreement is BiOS™-compatible

This is the Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) for CAMBIA TARGET vectors, rice seed or propagules and any derivatives of them, including progeny, tissue cultures, plants regenerated from them, DNA, protein and other products - BY OPENING THIS PACKAGE OR USING THE ENCLOSED MATERIAL YOU AGREE TO THE TERMS of the BiOS License, which are summarized below (a more complete explanation can be found at www.bioslicense.net):

In return for the use of these vectors and rice seed or propagules containing them and any derivatives of them, including progeny and tissue cultures, you agree

Furthermore, if you register your use of the material on www.bioforge.net, you will be eligible to receive support and updates posted by CAMBIA and by others who have agreed to these terms and registered. 

If your institution or employer requires signed copies of this MTA, please obtain the dated signature of an authorised person at the bottom of each copy.  Return two copies to CAMBIA at the address below, and CAMBIA will send one back after an authorised person at CAMBIA has signed. For licensed use by any commercial entity, information may be obtained from CAMBIA, GPO Box 3200, Canberra, ACT 2601, Australia (E-mail licenses@cambia.org).

NOTE:  You are free to distribute this material and any derivative of it, including progeny, tissue cultures, plants regenerated from them, seed or other propagules derived from them, DNA, protein and other products, if you accompany it with a copy of this Materials Transfer Agreement.

Details:  can be found in the http://www.bioforge.net/forge/kbcategory.jspa?categoryID=10 website.

Attribution:  In published or unpublished works, reference may be made to the Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation published report by CAMBIA, “Transactivation Lines in Rice: Evaluation of Insertional Mutants and Development of Effective Transactivator Platform for FTO and Co-ordinate Gene Expression”, and PCT published patent application WO 01/21781.

Warranty Disclaimer:  Other components of the vector and their use may be subject to the intellectual property rights of other parties. This material is provided without warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose or any other warranty, express or implied, and without any representation or warranty that the use or supply of the material will not infringe any patent, copyright, trademark or other right in any jurisdiction.  CAMBIA and its employees and agents shall not be held liable for any use of the material transferred to you under this notice.  You agree to hold CAMBIA and its employees and agents harmless for any loss, claim, damage or liability, of whatsoever kind or nature, which may arise from acceptance, use, handling or storage of the material by you.

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