What is Intellectual Property Informatics and Analysis?

The intellectual property informatics and analysis component of the BIOS initiative provides information about the intellectual property landscape. The Patent Lens gives access to the full resource, a toolkit we are constantly improving for the analysis of intellectual property landscapes.

The resource was initially developed by CAMBIA. Currently this is the world's largest full text-searchable collection of life sciences patents, and will expand soon to include other national patent collections and patents in other areas.

The BiOS Initiative is working to create new resources that develop the existing IP toolkit to assist in the navigation of complex legal thickets and the evolution of intellectual property and technology.  Examples of these include innovations in commentable, reader-updatable interfaces for the technology landscape papers we have provided on freedom to operate, and the inclusion of free information on the status of patents, a service for which many companies charge significant sums to legal practitioners.

If you have ideas of ways to help with patent transparency, contact us or join our discussion forum.

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