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Below is a selection of the media pieces that best reflect the nature of our work from a scientific, IT and intellectual property perspective.

The Freedom to Innovate: A Privilege or a Right? (info)
Editorial of The Plant Cell, May 2007
"...efforts to make the claims of patents ... more transparent and navigable, such as the Patent Lens ...should be supported by all."

Google is Great, but the Patent Lens is Better
Tech LawForum, December 14, 2006
"Transparency in patents is a good idea others are getting into in a big way, but there's still room for mutual improvement."

Patently Transparent (info)
Nature Biotechnology , May 2006
"The ability to interpret and filter intellectual property (IP) has never been more important...Cambia's Patent Lens is a giant leap in the right direction"

Open Source BioTech
Red Herring,
April 11, 2006
"Patent transparency is the lifeblood of the new open source." In a feature edition, renowned IT mag Red Herring focuses on Cambia's role in pushing the boundaries of the biotech industry.

Navigating the Future(s) of Biotech Intellectual Property
Nature Biotechnology, March 8, 2006
What impact is open source having on the biotech IP system?

Open Source Biotech: Science as a Tool for Social Justice
Genome Canada's Bulletin,
July 1, 2005
"If you can't win the game, then change the rules. That could be the mantra of Cambia..."

Open-Source Practices for Biotechnology'
New York Times, February 10, 2005
A profile of BIOS including a discussion of the Nature publication.

Gene Transfer to Plants by Divers Species of Bacteria
Nature, February 10, 2005
Cambia researchers publish a groundbreaking study demonstrating the viability of non-Agrobacterium bacteria in plant gene transfer.

2005 News items

Open Source Biology Alliance for International Agriculture

International Rice Research Institute and CAMBIA Press Release, Australia
December 7, 2005
OS4: Open Source, Open Science, Open Society, Orzya sativa

'Open-source Agriculture'

ISB News Report, USA
December 1, 2005
Is open-sourcing DNA the key to agricultural innovation and feeding an ever-growing population?

'Agrobacterium is not alone: gene transfer to plants by viruses and other bacteria'

TRENDS in Plant Science
December 1, 2005

Die Befreiung der Kartoffel

Financial Times Deutschland
November 22, 2005
Potato "Linda" sparks open source debate in German agriculture industry

'Biotekniken gör en Linux'

Kemivarlden Biotech
November 11, 2005
Better insight into the complex world of patents combined with the forging of open source projects promise to bring a new order to life science research. And this new order will hopefully open for innovation by the less resource rich.

2005 Bellagio Report

2005 Bellagio Meeting Report
September 5, 2005
Richard Jefferson and Marie Connett Porceddu presented open source license and participation models at the Rockefeller meeting on Open Source Models of Collaborative Innovation in the Life Sciences.

'The zinc finger nuclease monopoly'

Nature Biotechnology, Vol 23:8
August 4, 2005
Nature Biotechnology foreshadows new directions in CAMBIA's Open Source Initiative

'TransBacter: Gene transfer by open sourcery?'
July 14, 2005

'Open Source Biotech: Science as a Tool for Social Justice'

Genome Canada's Bulletin, Canada
July 1, 2005
"If you can't win the game, then change the rules. That could be the mantra of CAMBIA..." read more

Drugs for Neglected Diseases Initiative

June 8, 2005
CAMBIA's BIOS Initiative supports international effort to boost research and development to combat neglected diseases.

'Open Sesame' - Nature Biotechnology Editorial

Nature Biotechnology, Vol 23
June 7, 2005
CAMBIA's BiOS Initiative and Open Source Biology are the focus of the Editorial in Nature Biotechnology, June 2005.

Nature Biotechnology Profile of Richard Jefferson

Nature Biotechnology, Vol 23
June 7, 2005
Open source biology could provide an answer to innovation-impeding patents.

A New Paradigm for Intellectual Property Rights in Software

Duke Law & Technology Review, USA
May 21, 2005
This paper suggests that such patents were neither the sole nor the principal factor for the development of the software industry

'Open Source goes Beyond Software'

Financial Express (India)
April 29, 2005
An editorial about the impact of open source on scientific publishing.

'Open-Source Initiative Circumvents Biotech Patents'

The Scientist, Vol 19:8
April 25, 2005
Researchers develop workaround for Agrobacterium-mediated gene transfer

'Biotech For All'

Down to Earth (India)
April 15, 2005
The author poses the question "Can information sharing make science cheaper?"

'Emerging Plant Biotechnologies: New Bugs for Old'
April 5, 2005
"One species of creativity is the fruitful combination of concepts from different fields."

'Sharing Your Innovations is Potentially Profitable'

Wall Street Journal, Europe
March 24, 2005
Part of the "Questions for the Future" Supplement

'Leaders see symbiotic growth for open source and biotech'

March 18, 2005
Article explores the relationship between open source and biotech

'Seeding Change'

March 8, 2005
Open access to major research is set to revolutionise the business of genetic modification

'Now, Open Source in Biotech'

BusinessWorld (India)
March 7, 2005
Will the Linux model work in life sciences?

'Adding Diversity to Plant Transformation'

Nature Biotechnology, Vol 23:3
March 5, 2005
Mary-Dell Chilton, of Syngenta, comments on the Nature paper's findings.

'An Open Future for Biotech?'

New Agriculturalist
March 1, 2005
"The founders of Biological Innovation for Open Society (BIOS) have proposed developing a suite of tools that are freely available under open-access licences."

'Science Ideas that Could Change the World'

Asia News Network
February 18, 2005
Reflections on the World Economic Forum "5 Science Ideas that could change the world" panel - which included Richard Jefferson as a panelist

'Group Pushes Open Source for Biotech Innovation'

Bio*IT World
February 14, 2005
An overview of the BIOS philosophy and the features of BioForge.

'Open Source' Biology

February 11, 2005
Richard Jefferson engages host Ira Flatow in a discussion of CAMBIA, BioForge and the BIOS philosophy for 'Talk of the Nation' on US-based National Public Radio.

'Free access GM 'toolkit' launched'
February 11, 2005
TransBacter, BIOS and the BioForge concept are explored by the Scientific Development Network.

Gene Exchange by Design

February 10, 2005
A tangled patent thicket complicates Agrobacterium based plant transformation technology. This article examines other bacterial groups capable to serve as 'plant genetic engineers'.

'Plant biotech goes open-source'

BBC News
February 10, 2005
A discussion of the Nature paper and CAMBIA's BioForge protected commons.

'Triumph of the Commons - Will Open Source transform Biotech?'

The Economist
February 10, 2005
A description of CAMBIA's TransBacter technology and speculation on the implications of the BioForge commons.

'Open-Source Practices for Biotechnology'

New York Times, USA
February 10, 2005
A profile of BIOS including a discussion of the Nature publication.

'Open source plant biotech for all'

ABC Science Online
February 10, 2005
The Australian Broadcasting Company discusses TransBacter and the BIOS mission.

Nature Paper

Nature, USA
February 10, 2005
CAMBIA researchers publish a groundbreaking study demonstrating the viability of non-Agrobacterium bacteria in plant gene transfer.

'Genetically Modified IP Launched'

Wired News
February 9, 2005 examines TransBacter, BIOS and BioForge, and speculates on the implications of the Nature paper and the future of open-source biology.

'World-Changing: Another World is Here: BioForge'
February 1, 2005 announces the genesis of BioForge and details its potentially 'world changing' ramifications.

Richard Jefferson Nominated for 2005 Rave Awards

January 18, 2005
The Rave Awards: "Celebrating the People Changing Your Mind"

'Open Source Biology Evolves'
January 17, 2005
Article announcing the upcoming launch of BIOS's open-source platform.
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