Is the BIOS Initiative against Intellectual Property?

The BiOS initiative does not encourage anyone to infringe the valid intellectual property rights of others.

The complexity of the patent system, unfortunately, results in Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD) about what valid intellectual property rights exist. There are many claims to intellectual property rights that are not valid or not in force.  The BiOS Initiative, therefore, provides the Patent Lens, a free online resource to increase transparency in the patent system. 

The Patent Lens facilitates learning about what patent rights apply where, by providing tutorials, IP analyses, and the world's fastest free, full-text searchable patent database from the largest patenting jurisdictions for the life sciences, containing nearly 2 million patent documents updated regularly.

The Patent Lens provides not only the ability to search and look at technology described in patents, but also to explore where patents may not be in force, through the patent status and patent family database allowing patent searchers to check for information provided by the national patent offices on the dynamic status of patents and related patent applications in over 40 countries.

This activity is funded by the Rockefeller Foundation and the OS4 Action.

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