Patent literature and Innovation in Africa

Intellectual Property Watch,  October 19, 2009

Intellectual Property Watch is a non-profit independent news service that reports on the interests and behind-the-scenes dynamics that influence the design and implementation of international intellectual property policies.

In a recent article entitled "Spurring Local Innovation In Africa By Improving Access To Information", they interviewed local innovators and researchers in Kenya. They also spoke with Richard Jefferson, director of the Initiative for Open Innovation (IOI) and executive director of Cambia.

The article presents a discussion of the many possibilities that patent literature can provide countries in Africa.

With improved understanding, the patent literature could be seen as "a dynamic and growing knowledge resource... [that] includes information on related technical and grey literature necessary for working the innovation, the regulatory and policy framework surrounding particular technologies, and even help identify other parties interested in a technology with whom linkages can be made."

Read the full article on the Intellectual Property Watch website:
Spurring Local Innovation In Africa By Improving Access To Information

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