Collaboration key to biological energy production

CIO,  October 06, 2009

Researchers to unlock codes for open source green energy

Australian scientist hopes greater patent transparency will lead to a worldwide open source platform for biological energy production.

A group of international scientists headed by Australian Richard Jefferson is establishing the framework for a biofuels industry built on open source software and standards-based tools.

Jefferson is CEO of Cambia, a non-profit institute dedicated to creating new technologies to promote change and enable innovation and is the director of the new Initiative for Open Innovation (IOI).

Cambia has also helped establish Patent Lens, a free global, open-access, full-text patent informatics resource, which Jefferson says is essential to creating a new open source biofuels industry.

“You can’t just shoehorn open source licensing into biofuels,” Jefferson says. “We want the patent system to be navigable so you can map out the patent. With patents you have to disclose to the public how you invent something. The patent system has some horrible sides so we’re trying to render the patent system so we can mine it for inventions. That’s laying the ground work for green energy.”

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Researchers to unlock codes for open source green energy

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