What types of technology are available under BiOS licenses now?

All of CAMBIA's technologies for crop genetics have been used to seed BiOS licensed technology portfolios. Two initial technology portfolios have been established, consisting of Genetic Resource Indexing Technologies and Plant Enabling Technologies currently under CAMBIA's control. Each has a separate BiOS License.

The first BiOS license covers plant molecular enabling technologies including Transbacter, GUSPlus, and knowhow related to these and other plant molecular enabling technologies. There are already multiple licensees, members of the community improving the technologies.

A second BiOS license is already on offer, covering Genetic Resources technologies not limited to plants, not strictly an enabling technology (e.g. it is being used for value-added licensed services).

BiOS licenses are being developed to cover certain health technologies including a technology that can be used for cancer diagnostics and stem cell research, and technology based on glucuronidase-related enzymes that can be used for various types of diagnostics and medical devices.

Other technology owners may make other types of technology available.

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