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Patent Lens is a worldwide, open-access, free full-text patent informatics resource.  It serves as the cyberinfrastructure platform for the Initiative for Open Innovation (IOI). Why are we doing this?

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  • Search and retrieve the full-text of over ten million patent documents from US, Europe, Australia and WIPO, their status and counterparts up to 70 countries.

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The Patent Lens Sequence Project allows you to search over 80 million DNA and protein sequences disclosed in patents.

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  • Landscapes are 'interpretation maps' that analyze volumes of specialized patent, scientific, technical and business data around particular topics into a more navigable form.

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Transparency of the worldwide patent system must be an international public good; This is your resource, and we need your help to keep it open and free.


Patent Lens

  • Patent search interface in Chinese (中文), English, Russian (Русский), and French.
  • Full text of PCT applications now searchable in Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Russian and Spanish.
  • Full text of EPO patents now searchable in English, French and German.
  • Search for lapsed, abandoned or expired US Patents.
  • Visualize Patent Families with new graphical trees as PDFs.
  • Patent Landscapes on Influenza Genes, Rice Genome and Adjuvants now online.
  • Protein & DNA Sequence searching of over 80 million sequences from worldwide patent collections.

Selected Media

Public disclosure of biological sequences in global patent practice

World Patent Information, USA
December 1, 2015
A global Patent Sequence (PatSeq) Data platform can enable national and regional jurisdictions meet the public disclosure standards.

The ownership question of plant gene and genome Intellectual properties

Nature Biotechnology, USA
November 1, 2015

Gene patent practice across plant and human genomes

Nature Biotechnology, USA
October 8, 2015
Similarities and differences in gene patent practices across three major crop and human genomes are exposed

Putting the global patent system under The Lens

December 13, 2013

Nature Biotechnology editorial, May 2006  (info)

The ability to interpret and filter intellectual property (IP) has never been more important...CAMBIA's Patent Lens is a giant leap in the right direction" 

Red Herring Cover-story and editorial, April 17, 2006 (info)

Patent transparency is the lifeblood of the new open source" -Influential IT mag  features CAMBIA's role in changing the face of life sciences innovation. red_herring (info)

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